Meeting with members of youth centers

Our recent meeting with WFD NGO beneficiary youth active groups had a goal of summing up and evaluating their activities implemented during summer months, including events dedicated to the International Youth Day.

WFD NGO youth projects coordinator Manya Petrosyan provided a detailed report on the activities implemented by all youth groups, and indicated what percentage of the planned events was organized, how many people participated in these events and trainings, and the achieved results.

WFD NGO President Gohar Markosyan emphasized the importance of organizing large-scale community events and formation of various clubs in the communities. She gave positive feedback to discussions of organizational works done after each event, as well as evaluation of successes and any existing gaps. Special mention was given to the activities and large-scale events organized by “Sarapat” LAG, which had a positive impact on strengthening the collaboration between WFD NGO beneficiary communities, boosting cultural and sports life, as well as effective organization of the youth’s and schoolchildren’s free time.

Upon the end of the event, certificates of appreciation and “Youth Worker of the Year” awards were distributed to all young ladies, who were actively involved in the works of the youth centers, voluntarily and responsively conducted various clubs, and participated in different community projects and events.

Photos from the meeting here