Mission and Vison


To contribute to the implementation of democratic reforms, poverty reduction, development
processes ongoing in Armenia as well as protection of human rights and establishment of peace in the region.


To minimize the difference of social-economic conditions between cities and remote communities in Armenia and to promote peace building in the region.


Working principles

  • Adherence to Principles (proven by the dedication of the organization’s members to its mission and goals)
  • Consistency (Proven by logical and interconnected processes of project implementation, various activities and initiatives)
  • Transparency and accountability (the organization is committed to implementation of transparent and honest activities both in frames of the NGO and while working with donors and beneficiaries)
  • Punctuality and Legality (proven by trust worthiness of the information being provided by the organization to beneficiaries, partner organizations, donors and representatives of the government)
  • Participation (active participation of organization’s members in processes of decision making and carrying out the tasks)
  • Teamwork
  • Do No Harm


WFD NGO’s Strategic Papers