LEADER Approach

Localization of LEADER Approach

We value implementation of European LEADER approach in rural communities, based on “from bottom to top” decision-making process and inclusion of all local actors in the processes of developing community priorities.

In 2020, WFD NGO initiated piloting the LEADER approach to rural development for the first time in Armenia. This approach has been applied in over 2400 rural communities in European Union member states since 1991. LEADER approach empowers active collaboration between all actors involved in the community development – local government representatives, private business owners, local population and civil society, along with combining all possible resources, including material and financial resources and human capital. Following the main principles of LEADER approach, the first institutional step carried out by WFD NGO was establishment of “”Sarapat” Local Active Group” (“Sarapat” LAG) NGO in 2021. This NGO unites 8 villages of Sarapat consolidated community, namely Torosgyugh, Tsoghamarg, Arpeni, Goghovit, Sarapat, Pokr Sariar, Salut and Hoghmik.

 “Sarapat” LAG has a comfortably equipped office located in Salut community. The NGO has already established its first partnerships with various organizations and has submitted project proposals both to WFD NGO and several other local partners. With the support from “Women for Development” NGO, “Sarapat” LAG has successfully developed the four-year strategic plan for the development of 8 communities. The upcoming most important activity of the organization is capacity building of its members, especially women and youth, which will transform them into agents of change for improving local civic, social and economic environment.