Conflict Management Education

We value long-term and day-to-day work targeted at creation of peaceful society free of violence.

“Women for Development” NGO was one of the first ones in Armenia to undertake conflict management education in the schools of the country back in 2002. The goal was to form peace culture and peaceful conflict resolution ideas among the schoolchildren through giving them specific knowlegde which would empower their independent thinking for finding positive solutions to conflict situations instead of providing ready “recipes” for resolving them. Not only schoolchildren and teachers participated in our trainings, but also pupils’ parents, as this would not be complete and effective unless it included everyone involved in the process. 

In 2002-2005, the project was piloted in 16 school of Shirak region and Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute (presently Shirak State University). Positive feedback and interest received from the school principals, teachers, pupils and their parents paved the way for us for spreading conflict management education in other schools of Armenia.  

WFD NGO developed and published methodological handbooks and guidelines for homeroom teachers with included posters and didactic materials, which were approved by the RA Ministry of Education’s National Institute of Education (NIE). The memorandum of understanding which was signed between WFD NGO and NIE in 2005, as well as close collaboration with the NIE regional branch managers provided an opportunity for inclusion of the handbook topics in the curriculum of 850 schools in the regions and in Yerevan in the form of materials being taught during homeroom teachers’ lessons.

Conflict management education is targeted at the development of the following skills and capacities:

  • – Conflict analysis and identification of conflict causes,
  • – Development of practical skills in conflict management,
  • – Study of various approaches for conflict resolution and development of communication skills,
  • – Provision of critique without personal offence elements,
  • – Respect towards peers and teachers.

In 2015-2020, along with numerous other events, WFD NGO organizes 4 republican and international drawing contests for schoolchildren on topic of peace. The authors of best drawings were awarded with certificates and various prizes, and their works were exhibited in different countries of the world, receiving praise from local and international audiences.

In December 2017, WFD NGO organized the second International Conference, entitled “Peace Education for Peacebuilding”. The first conference was organized back in 2007. This major event hosted 130 participants from 25 countries, among them keynote speakers from Austria, USA, UK and Armenia. Apart from the representatives of local and international organizations, professors and students from the Psychology department of Shirak State University attended the Conference. This became a unique chance for them to develop their skills and abilities in peace education, conflict management and study different approaches available in various countries. This was another milestone in the history of our organization.