Youth Active Groups

We value youth empowerment and capacity development on spot, through promotion of their active participation in community development processes.

One of the main strategic development directions of WFD NGO during past several years has been formation of sustainable youth active groups in the remote rural communities of Shirak region. With the support from organization, 8 youth active groups established in 2017-2021 presently have renovated, furnished and equipped working spaces. Members of these youth groups were trained on project proposal writing, fundraising, networking with local government and civil society, development of strategic plans, community mobilization and organization of large scale events, communication skills and conflict management.

Our organization introduced the idea of volunteering to rural youth. Working without financial profit and at the same time giving back to your community has become an unseparable part of their lives. Our NGO always supports youth during their volunteering initiatives and collaborating with other community members and local government. This is an area, which empowers for discovering one’s inner potential and finding ways for unleashing it. Those who volunteer on continuous basis confess that the quality of their lives has improved and they really value the concept of volunteering.

On its path to implementing its mission, “Women for Development” NGO follows certain key principles, namely – each acquired knowledge and skill must have practical application in local communities. That is the reasor why we try to create corresponding environment for youth through financial support, consultancy provision and creation of networks, which will empower them to turn their acquired knowledge and skills into specific projects and initiatives being implemented in their own communities.

Analysis of the implemented works and achieved results shows that projects being implemented locally have been carefully selected and on target. Involvement of young generation in the initiatives targeted at resolution of their own community issues creates a culture of responsibility towards both big and small problems. This is the main guarantee for formation of future active and democratic citizens.