“Conflict Peaceful Resolution Education in Schools”, practical guide- 2012

practical guide_1The practical guide “Conflict Peaceful Resolution Education in Schools” with corresponding posters was published in March 2012 in the frames of “Peace and Conflict Peaceful Resolution Education in Schools” project implemented by WFD. The guide is a unique methodological manual, which will help the public school teachers carry out their class leading hours on conflict management. The guide can also be used by non-governmental organizations functioning in peace education, students of pedagogical universities, specialists and individuals interested in peace building and conflicts peaceful resolution.

The guide consists of 2 parts: “conflict management”, which includes the following topics: “What is a conflict? Escalation of Conflict”, “Styles of Behaviour in Conflict Situation”, “Conflict Peaceful Resolution Skills, Commandments and Ways”, “Conflict Peaceful Resolution Education through Peer to Peer”.





poster_4The second part of the guide includes several successful examples of class leading hours held in Gyumri schools based on the manual “Peace and Conflict Peaceful Resolution Education in schools” published by WFD back in 2008.