New approaches and practical opportunities for community sustainable development

Starting from March 2012, WFD has organised a series of trainings on the topic “New approaches and practical opportunities for community sustainable development” in eight beneficiary communities. Trainings were organized in the frames of “Community mobilization through increasing participation, healthy lifestyle and peace education in Armenia” project and had the goal to raise communities’ mobilization around the most interesting and up-to-date community issue.

ecologyTrainings are held by Gevorg Petrosyan, an experienced specialist- ecologist and the coordinator of Gyumri “Orhus” center.

These trainings also aim to help farmers to run their household without many expenses through raising the soil productivity and getting ecologically clean products. During the meetings G. Petrosyan shared practical advice on harvest cultivation, correct use of fertilizers ecology_2and chemical weed-killers, implementation of new agricultural methods and technologies, rising and cultivation of new cultures in the villages. Small movies were shown to the participants on all topics involved in the seminars.

All conducted seminars were followed by lively discussions and disputes. Participants of the training had different response to the topics under discussion: some preferred to remain true to the traditional way of running the household, others were more open to new methods presented by the specialist.