” Conflict Management Education in Georgia

We are happy that the methodological handbook “Conflict resolution education in schools” and didactic materials elaborated by “Women for Development” NGO continue to spread and find a wide response in t neighboring Georgia due to our partner organizations.

After more than 5-month collaboration, on the request of Manuchar Panchulidze, the director of the Dzevri village public school in Terjolai region (Georgia), the Cultural – humanitarian Fund ”Sukhumi” organized a series of trainings on the topic of conflict management for the local participants of summer camp.
It is worth mentioning that 3 students involved in the project who were already aware of the topics, expressed their willingness to present the topics to their peers together with the trainer.
According to our partners the trainings were held in very interesting and warm atmosphere; there were suggestions from the participants to have trainings on conflict management topics in other schools as well, with a goal to involve more students and get bigger results.

“Women for Development” NGO expresses special gratitude to the Cultural – humanitarian Fund ”Sukhumi” and the trainer Leila Shengelia for dedicated work and fruitful collaboration.