Final results of “Peace Lessons from COVID-19” drawing contest


The results of the International Drawing contest “Peace Lessons from COVID-19” were summarized.

The members of the commission were:


  • Jennifer Batton– Professor, Co-Chair GPPAC Peace Education Working Group, Coordinator Ohio Peace and Conflict Studies Network, Ohio, USA, Ohio,
  • Tony Jenkins– Coordinator Global Campaign for Peace Education (USA, Washington),
  • Dr. Gary Shaw– Senior Project Officer, Internationalising Education Unit | International Education Division Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia
  • Sargis Hovhannisyan – Director of Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation, artist and art critic,
  • Aram Pitshikyan – Director of Gyumri “Eldorado print” Publishing House, designer,
  • Gohar Markosyan – President of “Women for Development” NGO
  • Susanna Ghazaryan – Head of the educational department of “Women for Development” NGO
  • Marina Juharyan – Responsible for contest organization,
  • Armine Shiroyan – Interpreter.

Selection of the drawings in this round was much more difficult and responsible.

In the result of the previously held closed voting, all the works were classified according to the points gained, but each of them was once again discussed by the commission, so as not to miss a single detail, and that was why the choice of pictures took almost 3 hours instead of the planned 1 hour. Each work was unique in its artistic, content and worldview.

The drawing’s correspondence to the contest the content, as well as the age feature and the representation of the participants from different countries were taken into account in the selection process.

Thus, as a final result we have the following picture:


1st Prize – Maya Martiashvili, 15 years old, Bolnisi, Georgia

2nd Prize – Julia Harutyunyan, 15 years old, Gandzak, Armenia

3rd Prize – Ovcharenko Valeria, 19 years old, Ukraine, Lisichansk

The works, which also scored high points and deserved to be appreciated were included in special nominations by the decision of the jury.

The following participants are awarded with special nominations:
  1. “Jury honorary mention”  – Nare Sahakyan, 18 years old, Azatan, Armenia;
  2. “Honorary mention for artistic merit” and Incentive Prize from Dr. Gary Shaw (Senior Project Officer, International Education Division Department of Education and Training in Australia and Jury member)  – Tigran Abajyan, 16 years old,  Gyumri, Armenia;
  3. “Environment Protection” nomination and Incentive Prize from Gyumri “Eldorado Print” Publishing House – Tamara Predojevic, 17 years old, Belgrade, Serbia;
  4. “Best Creativity Approach” nomination and Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation – Arman Asatryan, 29 years old, Tsoghamarg, Armenia
  5.  “Best Artistic Expression” Nomination and Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation – Varduhi Andranikyan, 23 years old,  Tsoghamarg, Armenia;
  6. “Best Picture of health workers’ Heroism” nomination – Ibrahim Abdullayev, 16 years old, Bolnisi, Georgia;
  7. “Revisiting Values” nomination – Angin Antonyan, 14 years old, Masis, Armenia;
  8. “Best Message of Generation Care” nomination and Incentive Prize from Gyumri “Eldorado Print” Publishing House – Yulia Yakymchuk, 16 years, Kyiv, Ukraine;
  9. “Original Approach” nomination – Dorotea Korać, 15years old, Belgrade, Serbia;
  10. “Best Message of World Unity”  – Armen Davtyan, 19 years old, Gyumri, Armenia;
  11. “Best Preventive message” nomination – Lizi Zurabashvili, 15 years  old, Bolnisi, Georgia;
  12. “Harmony of Humans and Nature” nomination – Anzhela Papikyan, 15 years old, Gyumri, Armenia;
  13. “Best Young Painter” nomination – Tamara Nersisyan, 13 years old,  Nerqin Getashen, Armenia;
  14. “Best in Simplicity” nomination – Alyona Smbatyan, 14 years old, Nerqik Getashen, Armenia;
  15. “Jury Appreciation” nomination – Ani Abajyan, 16 years old, Lanjik, Armenia


16 pictures with high scores were included in the Best works list. The authors of the best 16 works are:
  1. Ani Poghosyan –  15 years old, Masis, Armenia – Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation
  2. Misak Mardoyan – 16 years old, Lanjik, Armenia – Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation
  3. Alvard Gharagyozyan – 15 years old, Gyumri, Armenia – Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation
  4. Ani Hasratyan – 13 years old, Yerevan, Armenia – Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation
  5. Anahit Hakobyan – 24 years old, Sisian, Armenia – Incentive Prize from Nikolay Nikoghosyan Cultural Foundation
  6. Marieta Grigoryan – 15 years old, Masis, Armenia
  7. Varduhi Poghosyan – 22 years ols, Sarnaghbyur, Armenia
  8. Shalimova Kateryna – 17 years old, Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine
  9. Karen Hovhannisyan – 15 years old, Lanjik, Armenia
  10. Ani Martirosyan – 16 years old, Gyumri, Armenia
  11. Elen Margaryan – 13 years  old,․Yerevan, Armenia
  12. Nora Rophael – 18 years old, Baghdad, Iraq
  13. Gayane Vardanyan – 11 years old, Yerevan, Armenia
  14. Liana Abrahamyan – 15 years old,  Masis, Armenia
  15. Agnessa Khalatyan – 13 years old, Yerevan, Armenia
  16. Tamara Jumbushyan – 12 years old, Yerevan, Armenia

NGO “Women for Development” sincerely congratulates the wines of the contest “Peace Lessons from COVID 19” and the authors of the best works.

We will get in touch with the award winners to present them with small encouraging gifts.

Special thanks also to all the participants of the contest whose works were left out, but please do not be disappointed. Our contest is annual and we look forward to seeing you all next year.


You can see the drawings on our Facebook page