The Final Results of “Peace Lessons from COVID-19” essay contest

We overcame another difficult and responsible job today, summarizing the results of the essay contest. The commission consisted of:

  • Armen Varosyan – The Urban Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
  • Mariana Edilyan – HR Planning and Development Unit Manager, HR Department, MTS Armenia,
  • Liana Mikayelyan – Regional Manager, US Peace Corps in Armenia,
    Zara Aghanyan – Projects manager, “Armenian Caritas” BNGO

Gohar Markosyan, Armine Shiroyan and Ani Simonyan represented “Women for Development” NGO.

The selection of the essays was also held by closed voting, according to the points gained. It was really difficult for the commission members to choose the best from the best, but the they carefully and impartially singled out the essays that scored the most points, from which the works worthy of the award and encouragement were selected.

Thus, the results of the final round are as follows:

1st Prize – Karen Martirosyan, /Yerevan, Armenia, 22years old/

2nd prize – Silvard Petrosyan /Gyumri, Armenia, 20 years old/

3rd prize – Hakeem Amjad – /Babylon, Iraq, 20 years old/

9 works with high scores and approved by the jury were selected in special nominations:

  • “Jury Honorary mention” – Kima Yegshatyan, /Gyumri, Armenia, 29 years old/
  • “Best message of World Unity” nomination – Pankaj Yadav /Madras, India, 28 years old/
  • “Best Example of Humanity” nomination – Showni Rudra Titli /Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22 years old/
  • “The Most Positive Message” nomination – Almira Nikoghosyan / from ARmenia, Teacher in China, 30 years old/
  • “Best Message for Equality” nomination – Mane Harutyunyan /Kapan, Armenia, 17 years old/
  • “Youth Power Against COVID-19” nomination – Onyedikachi Victor Igwesi  /Awgu, Isu-Awaa, NIgeria, 22 years old/
  • “The Best Message on Inner Peace” nomination – Varduhi Grigoryan /Oshakan village, Armenia, 20 years old/
  • “Harmony of Humans and Nature” nomination – Hranush Gevorgyan /Gyumri, Armenia, 16 years old/
  • “Hidden side of Covid19: Women and Domestic Violence” – Mariam Sargsyan /Aghavnadzor village, Armenia, 22 years old/
The authors of the 15 best works are:
  1. Manik Vardanyan – Anushavan village, Armenia, 29 years old
  2. Sona Muradyan – Vanadzor, Armenia, 20 years old
  3. Lilit Gasparyan – Vanadzor, Armenia, 16 years old
  4. Sara Abrahamyan – Yerevan, Armenia, 23 years old
  5. Lilit Balabekyan – Charentsvan, Armenia, 22 years old
  6. Gohar Madatyan – Ijevan, Armenia, 25 years old
  7. Anahit Gevorgyan – Yeghegnadzor, Armenia, 16 years old
  8. Stella Gabrielyan – Artik, Armenia, 17 years old
  9. Khachik Astoyan – Yerevan, Armenia, 16 years old
  10. Julieta Petrosyan – Torosgiugh, Armenia, 19 years old
  11. Isah Babayo – Gombe State, NIgeria, 31 years old
  12. Milena Petrosyan – Tbilisi, Georgia, 18 years old
  13. Ali Sailh Jassim – Muthanna / Samawah, Iraq, 21 years old
  14. Malath Hussein Ali – Iraq, 28 years old
  15. Madina Kelsinboyeva – Uzbekistan, 23 years old

On behalf of the “Women for Development” NGO team, we congratulate all the participants for their active participation in the contest. Believe us, each of your works was unique and interesting in its content, and it was really difficult for all of us to choose the best from them. There are no winners or losers for us, all our participants are winners. Our contest is annual and we are looking forward to meeting all of you next year.