“Peace Lessons from COVID-19” 4th Annual Contest


Dear schoolchildren and youth, “Women for Development” NGO is pleased to announce its 4th annual peace drawings and essays contest, with this year’s theme being “Peace Lessons from COVID-19(here are the link from the previous contests)

Presently the corona virus pandemics has become a challenge for the entire humanity, and the emergency state being declared in many countries around the globe has forced millions of people to stay home, creating hurdles in everyone’s daily lives and working rhythms.

Despite the challenges, nowadays we are also given an opportunity to grow, learn some lessons and have a fresh outlook on the daily transforming realities.

The goal of the contest is to show how this pandemics has impacted the personal lifestyles and outlooks of the schoolchildren and youth from various countries, what lessons have each of them learnt individually as well as what they think the humanity has learnt globally from the COVID-19 – what will the world be like after the pandemics, what kind of recommendations do they have to the politicians and world leaders in the directions of reducing inequalities, poverty, racism, nationalism, wars, environmental catastrophes in various corners of the world, and other issues.

Through this contest, our wish is to once again accentuate the schoolchildrens’ and youth’s attention to the values of peace, love, harmony and tolerance and to show everyone that any difficult situation can be overcome only with unity and consolidation, and that this is a wake up call to humanity to reassess the real values, to emphathize with each other, to save our nature and to establish peace in the world.

The contest is being conducted online, participants can be teenagers and youth between ages 15-29 from Armenia and any other country of the world.


Contest Rules
 For “Peace Lessons from COVID-19 drawings:
  1. It is necessary to present a hand-painted drawing, which must express the main idea behind the contest.
  2. Attached to the drawing, personal data of the contestant must be provided, including name, last name, age, country, town/village, school, as well as the participant’s photo.
  3. The drawing mush have a caption! We ask you to briefly present what message you wished to convey through your work.
  4. The drawing must be the property of the contestant, and not copied from elsewhere.
  5. Any type of a drawing can be presented to the contest, including graphics, oil painting, color crayons or aquarelle, etc. However, the drawings which include computer graphics or being created using a computer will be disqualified from the contest.
  6. Attention! It is necessary to submit either the photo or the scan of the original drawing, if possible in high quality, to the following email address: peace.covid19@gmail.com
Contest Rules
 For “Peace Lessons from COVID-19” essays:
  1. The essays must reflect on the main idea behind the contest.
  2. The volume of the essay must not exceed 1 page (maximum 300 words).
  3. Attached to the essay, personal data of the contestant must be provided, including name, last name, age, country, town/village, school, as well as the participant’s photo.
  4. Essays will be accepted in two languages, either English or Armenian.
  5. To submit the essays online, please follow this link: Online Application Form for Essays
  6. Those who will have issues with online submissions, may send their works in Word or PDF formats to the following email address: peace.covid19@gmail.com
The deadline for contest submissions is May 5, 2020. Submissions received after the indicated date will not be considered.  

All drawings and essays, submitted to the contest will be posted on “Women for Development” NGO’s and on Peace Builder’s Regional Platform web pages and will be widely shared through our partner organizations in various countries. All participants will receive electronic certificates of participation, and the winning drawings and essays to be selected by the international jury, will be published separately, in a format of a brochure or a calendar.

All drawings and essays submitted for this contest will become WFD NGO’s property. The organization reserves the rights to exhibit the drawings and to share the essays in various countries, as well as use those in its published materials, journals or other publications, through maintaining the copyrights.

You may address your questions to us via peace.covid19@gmail.com email as well through messaging us  on our Facebook page.


With love,
Women for Development NGO team