Quarterly meeting of community centre officers

On December 17, 2011, the quarterly reporting meeting of WFD beneficiary villages community centers took place, with the participation of the village major and community center officers. This time the meeting was a holiday one and had the goal to summarize the joint work, achievements and successes of the WFD and beneficiary communities, as well as to discuss future plans and suggestions.

First of all, Gohar Markosyan, the President of WFD, thanked the participants for their active work. She appreciated the increase of volunteerism in the communities, which mostly supports mobilization and empowerment of the communities: “Community mobilization is the most difficult work and I am happy that our joint work has been successful. Organization of events and volunteering in community centers does not seem “strange” today. Our goal is to have a mobilized community. Our community is our home, and we must build it with our own hands. Even if we expect assistance from outside, we have to participate in it and have our contribution in all the issues,”- mentioned Gohar Markosyan.

Village majors expressed their gratitude to WFD for involving their villages in this project: “… I would like to thank you for presenting us with such a center, because it has really changed a lot in our community. Community center has made the routine village life more alive.  We are like one family now, and let this family grow and empower…” – mentioned Hovsep Tonoyan, the Major of Tsoghamarg.

“It is not a secret for anyone that the communities are getting empty today, youth leaves villages. This is a pain of all of us, and I am very happy that the WFD is trying to assist the youth and us. I would very much like to come to a situation when no outside assistance is necessary, when due to our joint efforts we will be able to stand on our feet and empower our communities…”- said Garegin Hakobyan, principle of Tsoghamarg community school.

During the meeting community center officers presented their reports for the period October- December, discussed the work carried out and achievements, mentioned the positive changes noticeable as a result of community center activities.

“… I have always liked to organize different events, have always had interesting ideas, but as a nurse I was not able to organize such big events. Today it is not only me who organizes events with pleasure, but also a lot of volunteers who help me. Due to them we were able to revive the nice tradition of the national holiday Vardavar, which had been forgotten for many years…” – mentioned in her speech Anahit Vardanyan, Goghovit community center officer.

“Community center helps to mobilize and unite the community. Vivid evidence to this was an event organized on September 21st. Activities organized in the community center are also a good opportunity especially for young women and girls to show their abilities and skills, to be recognized as specialists…” – mentioned in her report Armenuhi Arakelyan, Lanjik community center officer. 
The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere; many ideas were expressed concerning making links and networking beneficiary communities.