A happy and colorful day for Musayelyan’s kids

On August 17th, new playground and community lights installation projects’ launch event took place in Musayelyan community. Ashotsk unified community administrative leaders, Musayelyan community mayor, WFD NGO representatives and local residents attended the event.
Children of Musayelyan, who had absolutely no playground amenities for many years, are now happily enjoying their new space, which brings happiness not only to kids but the entire community.
The symbolic ribbon was cut by WFD NGO president Gohar Markosyan, Musayelyan youth active group coordinator Ani Khachatryan and local children. Afterwards, Ani Khachatryan presented all the projects implemented in Musayelyan during past two years with co-funding from WFD NGO and Ashotsk unified community.

Ashotsk municipality secretary of staff Hamlet Avetisyan congratulated Musayelyan residents on the new improvements and mentioned: “Projects implemented jointly with “Women for Development” NGO are multiple and various, however to us the most important projects are the ones connected with children’s development and organization of their spare time, because children are our future, and it is a priority for us to secure their healthy and carefree childhood. We welcome this initiative and assure that the municipality is ready to continue this collaboration for the benefit of our communities”.

Musayelyan community mayor Karen Vardanyan and local residents expressed their gratitude to Ashotsk municipality and WFD NGO for implementing projects in the village and bringing positive changes.

WFD NGO president Gohar Markosyan also welcomed and congratulated all the guests and emphasized the importance of active participation of community youth which has led to initiating and implementing various social projects and clubs. “One of the keys to our success is youth’s active work, local community participation and strong collaboration with the municipalities. Today we are witnessing another beautiful result of our joint work. Our goal is to create stable basis for sustainability, making sure that when our organization finishes working here, you will keep adding on the existing resources through collaboration with other organizations and donors”.

After the playground opening event, guests visited the first exhibition of the drawings by community children attending the painting club, displaying works of approximately 30 kids, ages 6-13. The club was established only 3 months ago, and is run voluntarily by Lida Hovhannisyan, member of Musayelyan youth group.
Easels and other necessary equipment were purchased with funding provided by WFD NGO.

During 2022-2023, 4 social projects were implemented in Musayelyan community with co-funding from WFD NGO and Ashotsk municipality. The total contribution was 3,855,020 AMD, out of which 2,944,020 AMD was invested by WFD NGO, 821,000 AMD by Ashotsk municipality and 90,000 AMD fundraised by local residents.

The photos of the event