“Race for Carrots” performance in Anushavan

In frames of the project being implemented with funding from UNFPA and on the invitation from “Women from Development” NGO, Anushavan community hosted the representatives of the Փոփոխությունների թատրոն / Theatre for Changes cultural NGO. “Race for Carrots” interactive performance was about parenting and responsible fatherhood. Through the symbolic characters of the Rabbits family, this puppet performance targeted at changing the stereotypes around women’s and men’s roles and promoting men’s involvement in the childcare and upbringing. Heroes of the performance and intriguing questions raised by the

Joker provoked a lot of enthusiasm and conflicting opinions among the audience, who were actively participating in the discussions, debating, criticizing various characters’ behavior, and suggesting ways for resolution.

This educational performance made the audience think, value, and reflect on woman’s and man’s role in the family in terms of sharing the burden and responsibility.

The performance took place in completely full evens hall, and was attended by Anushavan Forum Theater club members, teachers, pupils and parents.