Study Visit to “Sarvor Tourism” Social Enterprise

Another interesting meeting was planned for the participants of the “Youth Entrepreneurship Academy” project. “Sarvor Tourism” (Livestock Keepers Tourism) – this was the title of another unique social enterprise based in the town of Gavar. It is a unique type of tourism for Armenia, which allows those who are interested to visit and live with the livestock keepers for some time, thus becoming familiar with their lifestyle. The goal of this activity is not only advertising the beautiful sites of the region, but also improving lives of the livestock keepers through contributing to their financial income, as well as resolving some environmental issues.

Founders of “Sarvor Tourism” social enterprise Lala Mktchyan and Hakob Sargsyan shared how they came up with this idea, what kind of social projects and festivals they have organized in Gavar with the goal of attracting tourists, took the group on a tour to the famous “savory water” mineral water source located in their town as well as other sites, thus presenting the history of Gavar and its famous people.

We are grateful to Lala Mkrtchyan and Hakob Sargsyan for organizing this interesting tour and sharing their important advise with us.