Working meeting on WFD NGO’s Strategic planning for 2023-2027

With the goal of creating “Women for Development” NGO’s strategy for 2023-2027, two-day working meeting took place, involving the head of development programs division of Shirak governor’s office, representatives of partner organizations, representatives of various groups from beneficiary communities and WFD NGO staff.
During the workshop, conducted by invited independent expert Nazareth Seferian, through various assignments and group discussions, the main strategic directions for the organization’s work in the next 5 years were identified, SWOT analysis was conducted, recommendations and observations were made, which are necessary for effective evaluation and revision of the organization’s activities as well as introducing new tools and methods to our work.
With the goal of evaluating WFD NGO’s work and collecting feedback and recommendations, Mr. Seferian conducted series of online and phone interviews with representatives of local government bodies, partner organizations, as well as various beneficiary groups.
We are grateful to all our partners and beneficiaries for active participation, objective feedback, and productive joint work.