“Most Unique Christmas Tree” competition’s Results

As we have already informed, beginning January 16th, “Women for Development” NGO’s youth centers and various clubs run by these centers restarted their regular work. WFD NGO team visited all beneficiary centers with the goal of monitoring the ongoing works, discussing plans for the nearest future, as well as meeting our new youth center coordinator. Youth had many interesting ideas and were enthusiastic to continue their work.
Another goal of the visit was to distribute gifts and certificates to the winners of the “Most Unique Christmas Tree” competition, which was announced by WFD NGO back in December.
All 8 youth centers participated in the competition, and all had interesting ideas for their Christmas trees, which were beautiful and unique. After long discussions, Musayelyan youth’s Christmas tree was announced the winning one. It was prepared from handpicked and dried herbs. The winner team received the main prize – loudspeaker, and all other youth groups were awarded with encouraging prizes and certificates in various nominations.
Member of Torosgyugh youth group Julieta Petrosyan was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a small gift from WFD NGO for running Goghovit’s English Language club, her responsible work and creative approaches applied in teaching process.
We express our gratitude to our beneficiary youth for their active participation and interesting ideas.