Christmas Event of Goghovit English Club

Goghovit English Language club finished its last lesson of this year on happy spirit of the New Year. For details, please read the club leader and Torosgyugh youth active group member Julieta Petrosyan’s post.
Thank you, dear Julieta, we greatly appreciate your faithful and responsible work and your creative approach to study process.

Today is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable days of my life. We will always remember this year’s most colorful and bright New Year celebration, pre-Holiday mood and of course our beautiful event.

It was this year’s last lesson of Goghovit English club, which was created 4 months ago. As always, we invited our beloved parents and grandmothers. The spirit of the event was very warm and kind. Santa Claus, Snow White, Clown and Bunny came to entertain the children. We took many photos, had fun, and in the end, we enjoyed the cake, and Santa Claus and Snow White distributed the gifts.

I am so happy for having the opportunity of opening an English club in Goghovit village, through which I met wonderful people. All members of Goghovit youth active group warmly welcomed me in their community and we closely collaborate up to this date. Goghovit youth active group leader, our beloved Shahane Tadevosyan, we are truly grateful for your support during all these months and helping us with any issue. I hope you forgive us for not letting you sleep in.

I would like to express special gratitude to my beloved parents of English club’s pupils, who also sincerely welcomed me in their community. They have been very supportive and helped me and children with any issue we had. I am also very thankful for the pleasant surprise.

My dearest children of Goghovit, you are just wonderful! Please always stay so clever and enjoy learning English. Please always remember that Miss Julieta loves you very much. I will see you next year.

May 2023 be the year of Peace. May all children smile and never be sad. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

P.S. 3 new children joined the club, now we have 13 members!