WFD NGO continues to support families affected by the war

In our efforts to respond to the crisis in the country, after only several days since the start of the war, “Women for Development” NGO (WFD NGO) initiated immediate response events with our own funds, and provided assistance to the soldiers at the frontline, as well as families from Artsakh, who had to find shelter here in Armenia. Up to now and with our personal contributions, we were able to provide clothes, food, hygiene items, stationery and medicines to 9 families from Artsakh, including 28 children and 20 women and elderly.

Private donor Serge Vardanyan, our compatriot currently residing in the US, has kindly joined our humanitarian assistance efforts. These days everyone’s attention is focused on refugees from Artsakh, and therefore we decided to use his donation for assisting the families of volunteers who left to the frontline despite their older age and health issues, and rushed to enlist to service and stand next to our young soldiers in the battlefield. We used part of Mr. Vardanyan’s donation to provide food packages to 10 families of the volunteers, who live in conditions of poverty. We will use the rest of the donated sum to assist families of the wounded or fallen soldiers, who are facing financial hardships.

We express our deep gratitude to Serge Vardanyan for his donation, care and trust. Only together and in unity we will be able to get through these difficult times.