War in Artsakh, Day 20

Azerbaijan, with the support from Turkey, continues shelling not only the military objects in Artsakh, but also residences, civil infrastructure and even hospitals, thus breaking all articles of international conventions.
As of October 16th, there have been 633 military servants reported as killed, as well as 34 casualties, along with hundreds of wounded.
Not only Azerbaijan refuses to honor the humanitarian ceasefire, but also deliberately expands the scale and geography of this unprecedented aggression, and periodically attacks the territory of the Republic of Armenia, taking the threat to the regional peace and security to a whole new level.
In addition to the financial donations to All Armenia Fund, “Women for Development” NGO team members have been doing everything possible to help the soldiers as well as the families, who are currently sheltering in Armenia, as they had to flee their homes in Artsakh. To this moment, we were able to assist 6 families (15 women and elderly and 20 children) with provision of clothes, food, hygiene items, stationery and necessary medication.
The war goes on, however international organizations and the public continue to keep silent and ignore the military crimes, being committed by the Azeri-Turkish aggressor towards the peaceful population of Artsakh. 

#StopAzerbaijaniAggression #StopTurkeyAggression #DontBeBlind #WakeUpWorld #StrongArtsakh #NKpeace