OMNIBUS 1325 study tour

OMNIBUS 1325, 2010

October 8-17th, 2010 German OWEN organized a study tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Susanna Ghazaryan, Officer of Educational department of WFD participated in the tour as a member of OMNIBUS 1325 Peace network. The main goal of the study tour was to meet NGO activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to exchange approaches and experience in promoting peace in local communities and establish constructive dialogue between the organisations. 
Study tour                                                                       participants had meetings with representatives of local NGOs.

OMNIBUS 1325_2010

They were hosted by “Together” cooperative where representatives of conflicting nations are working, visited “CURE” feminist organisation, Bosnia and Herzegovina offices of Heinrikh Boll Foundation and other organisations. 
During the meetings Susanna Ghazaryan had an opportunity to present WFD’s experience in peace education and to disseminate copies of “Impact of Peace and Conflict Resolution Education on Students in Several Years after the Studies” evaluation report, which summarises the experience of the past 9 years.

The results of the study tour are already visible. Just one month later we have received a proposal for collaboration from Croatian Coalition for Work with Psycho trauma and Peace” organization.