Evaluation report presented to school

evaluation-report-meetingOn September 23 a meeting was organised with school principals, vice-principals, “Peace Education Centres” responsible teachers of 16 schools from Shirak region. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the issue of continuity of peace education project in the schools of Shirak region. The meeting was a non-official one. The school principals and teachers represented their approaches and suggestions on continuation of the project, raised their concerns and existing problems.

Everybody’s opinions were similar: peace education in schools is very important and is necessary to provide part of the class meetings hours to peace lessons and conflict management education. Gohar Markosyan, President oevaluation-report-3f WFD congratulated everyone on the publication of “Impact of Peace and Conflict Resolution Education on Students in Several Years after the Studies”.
“The result of our joint work through the past years is summarised here, answers to all questions that have interested us for many years: is such education needed, are we on the right path and can the peace education have the positive influence and consequences that we anticipate,”- said G. Markosyan in her speech.