Arpeni’s leisure center has been equipped with sport goods


Back in 2019 the community youth leisure center was renovated and partially furnished, a local heating system was installed, providing comfortable conditions for the center to function fully. In a short time, the center became a favorite place not only for the youth but also for other members of the community to discuss community problems, talk to each other and develop new projects. To make the community’s leisure activities more interesting and well-organized, a new project was developed by the village administrative representative and the youth and presented to the NGO WFD with a goal of purchasing a TV set, table tennis, chess, backgammon and other games. V. Arakelyan is sure that the purchased equipment will give the community members an opportunity to organize interesting movie screenings, sports and intellectual contests thus activating communication among them. Totally 294800 AMD is spent for the project implementation, out of which 200 000 AMD is contributed by NGO WFD, and the rest 94 800 AMD is the contribution by Sarapat consolidated community.

P.S. The photos are sent by Arpeni administrative representative Vahagn Arakelyan.