Another opening event in WFD beneficiary community


This time we had the honor to cut the ribbon for the opening of the Anushavan community events hall, followed by a ceremony performed by the local priest. Mane Vardanyan, the director of Anushavan Arts School and youth active group’s officer, delivered an opening speech, which included a detailed report on joint projects implemented with WFD NGO up to this date and the positive changes which happened in their community as the result of these interventions.

Having an events hall was one of the priorities of this community, which became possible due to the initiative of Anushavan youth active group. The renovation works were funded by Anushavan Galoyan family, and the necessary furnishing was purchased with the support from “Women for Development” NGO and Anushavan mayor’s office. The entire furnishing was prepared by villagers on volunteer basis. In frames of the project, speakers and music player were also purchased, which are going to be used for the events taking place both at the events hall and the Arts School.

As village mayor Yervand Hakobyan mentioned in his speech, the hall is going to be multifunctional. It is going to serve not only for organizing big events in the community, but also will be used as a chess room, as well as a space for youth group meetings, trainings and community meetings too.

WFD NGO President Gohar Markosyan also joined the congratulations to the community members on the occasion of opening of this nice and comfortable events hall, and passed her gratitude to the community mayor’s office, youth active group members, volunteers and everyone else who contributed to this project. “No matter how much our organization is willing to invest in the community, it would be impossible without your support and enthusiasm. Our common success is based on our solid collaboration and mutual trust. I am assured that we will continue our collaboration in the future, with our common goal to develop this wonderful community”, said Gohar Markosyan.

Youth group prepared certificates of appreciation to WFD NGO and to Anushavan village mayor Yervand Hakobyan, for their support in implementation of community projects and contributing to making youth’s lives better and more active, and Anushavan’s dance studio’s children made the celebration even more beautiful with their performances.