Youth Active Groups’ Activities Report Out at the WFD Office

On October 1st WFD NGO hosted the members of the Youth Active Groups from the beneficiary communities at our office. The purpose of the meeting was to report on the activities which were implemented in target villages during the past 3 months, as well as to share new ideas with each other, along with the success stories and challenges.

Members from 4 beneficiary communities’ youth active groups were present at the meeting – namely from the villages of Hoghmik, Tsoghamarg, Torosgyugh and Anushavan. For the entire summer, these young people were busy organizing various events for different age groups in their respective communities. These events involved, but were not limited to movie screenings, book clubs, drawing clubs, excursions, clean-up events, English lessons, intellectual games, debates, sports competitions, etc. During the meeting, youth groups’ responsible officers were very happy and enthusiastic about reporting their accomplished activities and villagers’ positive attitude towards them. This is proven by parents’ words of gratitude, who keep mentioning that with the efforts of the youth active groups, children’s summer holidays became more interesting and full with various content.

“Every day we feel increased positive feedback from our villagers in response to the activities we undertake. Not only they are interested in what we do, but also offer their support on volunteer basis. When they see us wearing our T-shirts with WFD logo, they ask us what interesting stuff we are up to. One time, during one of our scheduled meetings, a lady from our village brought us pastries and pies, to make sure we were not hungry while working so hard”, – mentioned Karen Sargsyan, one of the youth active group members from Anushavan village.

Young people, who attended the meeting, also shared about the personal changes they experienced after becoming members of the youth active groups. Skills such as public speaking, self-confidence, mobilization, teamwork, time management, sense of responsibility, ability to conduct trainings and organize events – these are the changes mentioned by almost all participants.

Anushavan’s youth active group’s responsible officer Mane Vardanyan describes her experience as a life-changing one: “I had many ideas and projects in my mind, which I was unable to fulfill alone. But WFD NGO, our village mayor, community youth and population became my supporters, who inspired me to fulfill one of my dreams and establish the Arts School. It made me feel like I was reborn and now I can finally say that I am fully happy and satisfied, as far as I was able to create positive changes in my community and at the same time be occupied with something I truly love”.

“Due to the teamwork, I was able to create many new friendships and we now know all the strengths of each other, which makes us a high performing team”, added Anush Hovsepyan, Tsoghamarg youth active group member.

“I feel great when I am able to support my community. It truly inspires me and makes me accountable for our activities, especially when I see people’s positive reactions towards what we do”, added Sharvik Petrosyan from Torosgyugh.

Towards the end of the meeting, young people created their working plan for the upcoming 3 months and shared interesting ideas with each other.