When Your Hobby Becomes a Source of Income

Participation in business trainings organized by “Women for Development” NGO became life-changing for Liza. Her business idea developed during the training course was funded, which made it possible for Liza to attend a professional course on baking and to purchase the necessary equipment.

In short time, Liza was able to establish her small business in Tsoghamarg and started to receive orders. By now, almost everyone in the village has had a chance to try Liza’s delicious pastries and cakes, made of fresh produce.

WFD NGO made it possible for Liza to turn her hobby into a source of income, which, in turn, positively affected the financial situation of her own family, as well as the community members who no longer have to spend additional time and money for buying and transporting cakes from Gyumri. In average, Liza receives 4 or 5 orders for cakes monthly, which she considers normal for a small village like Tsoghamarg, despite she is assured that this number is going to increase, as this is just the beginning.

Liza says that her favorite part of the day is when she enters the kitchen, where she not only forgets the problems of the day, but also is able to let her creativity out by making her baking fantasies come true. “For me the moment when I see the happy and smiley faces of my clients is very important, and to me that is the most important reward for my job well done, because I put my soul and entire fantasy into baking, and my clients’ feedback is extremely important to me. Every cake turns out to be unique, and I try not to repeat their designs. Without loving what I do, I cannot imagine baking tasty cakes, because I truly believe that my mood and love is reflected in the quality of my cakes”. Liza considers herself a novice in this business, and mentions that she still has a lot to learn, however she is assured that it’s possible to achieve any goal given that you invest your love and determination in what you do.


The project is funded by the financial support of “Women for Development” NGO, European Fund for Southeast Europe Development Facility (EFSE DF) and Bread for the World organization.