The Colorful World of Tsoghamarg Kids

Singing, dancing, kids with vivid smiles, festive mood… The official opening of the Tsoghamarg playground had brought the community people here since early morning. Back in 2017 due to the collaboration between “Women for Development” NGO and “Paros” foundation, slides and swings were installed in Tsoghamarg community, but the said equipments were not enough for the kids and the playground space needed renovation. The project proposal designed and submitted by Tsoghamarg active youth group was brought to life with the financial support of WFD NGO and Sarapat municipality. Within the framework of the project the playground site was fenced and renovated by the community members, new games were installed, whilst the old pavilion was completely renovated and gained new view thanks to the community youth. You can see the favorite cartoon heroes of kids smiling back to them and passing happy mood from the walls of the pavilion.

Saying thank you for another implemented project in the village, Gnel Barseghyan, the administrative representative of Tsoghamarg community, said, “Women for Development” NGO’s role isn’t bounded in showing only financial support, but also teaching us to work differently, to operate independently and treat community with more care. When they decided to do the first fundraising in the village 2 years ago, we all were kind of skeptical. But I am really happy that we could break this stereotype thanks to the heads of the Community Center, we gained trust and today our youth managed to engage even more community members in the fundraising process. I am happy for our community, for these kids and I wish to create such an environment in our community where no youth wishes to leave it. We must develop and prosper our village with our own power”.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the community youth for their wonderful idea and to all the community members for their impartial share in the renovation and recovery of the playground.

Another surprise was waiting for the kids from the youth of Torosgyugh community appearing in the playground in the costumes of the kids’ favorite heroes.


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