Torosgyugh Community Garden is supplemented with new equipment

Torosgyugh people use to call their community garden a “Dream park” or a “Little Paradise”. The garden was planted in 2015 within the small grant provided by “Women for Development” NGO and with the support of Torosgyugh municipality and “Armenian Tree Project”. Lacking green areas and nearby territories covered with trees in the village, the community garden has become the favorite entertainment place for Torosgyugh people.

Both the elders and the youngsters of the village come here for rest; outdoor events and open lessons are also organized. The community members take care of each and every offshoot with great responsibility and love by planting more and more trees each year.
To have outdoor family activities in the community garden, the community members constructed and installed also a pavilion and benches. The latter was not enough for the large-scale population of the community. Thus, on the initiative of Torosgyugh community active group it was decided to supplement the garden with new benches and pavilions.

Recently within the small grants provided by WFD NGO in frames of “Help Poor Rural Communities to Help Themselves. Regional Partnership for Peace” project and with the support of Sarapat municipality 3 more pavilions and litter bins were purchased. To be able to use the garden during the night, 2 lampposts were installed as well. The lampposts will operate via the solar batteries installed next to the greenhouse.

Community members, WFD NGO representatives and Sarapat municipality staff attended the official launch of the Project.


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