Greenhouse farming is developing in Torosgyugh

Results of the follow-up monitoring conducted in frames of “Capacity building in agriculture in the rural communities of Shirak marz for green future” project implemented in Torosgyugh community and financed by “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO were more than satisfactory.
As soon as you enter the greenhouse, you immediately notice carefully cultivated beds of tomato, cucumber and pepper. Myasnik Hakobyan and the members of the farmers’ group look after each seedling like they look after their own child and rejoice seeing how they grow bigger day by day.

While making a tour round the greenhouse, Garik Hakobyan,Torosgyugh school director, proudly presented us the last actions done by them.

Today the installation of the inner heating system of the greenhouse is done, drip irrigation system is installed, a mini farm of biohumus production with the total area of 3 square meters planned for the growing and multiplying Californian warms is built. 
The office of “Toros” Consumer cooperative is also being built by the initiative of the farmers’ group and with their own resources.
Parallel to the works carried out in the greenhouse, Gevorg Petrosyan, project expert and counselor, conducts trainings and practical classes on the practical usage of new technologies, peculiarities of running greenhouse farming, cultivating and protecting various cucurbits.

Community members will enjoy the first fruits of their work quite soon.

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