Regular monitoring of the project in Torosgyugh

Almira Manapbaeva from Caritas France and Z. Aghanyan, director of “Aramazd: for the community, with the community” grant project and L. Yefremyan, project coordinator, were in Torosgyugh for the monitoring of “Capacity building in agriculture in the rural communities of Shirak marz for green future” project. 

First, the guests visited village Community Center, where the village mayor, the school principle, representatives from “Women for Development” and “Biosophia” NGOs presented in detail the process of the project, the achievements and success. 

Later on the guests visited the newly-built greenhouse and got acquainted with the work done. The members of “Toros” cooperative were also there. They proudly showed the blooming flowers of tomato and cucumber and the first little fruits on the shrubs.
A mini firm of biohumus production with the total area of 3 square meters was also built and 10 thousand Californian warms were bought for its operation. According to G. Petrosyan, the project expert and counselor, the next step will be the extending of the mini firm and the multiplication of the Californian warms to allow the villagers to have a private base enriched with ecologically clean fertilizers for the cultivation of the soil. 

The cooperative members were quite excited about the results of the greenhouse and were willing to share among neighbor communities their experience and knowledge on conducting organic agriculture with new technologies.


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“Capacity building in agriculture in the rural communities of Shirak marz for green future” project is implemented jointly by “Women for Development” and “Biosophia” non-governmental organizations. The project is financed in frames of “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO “Aramazd: For the Community, with the Community” small grants programme.