Founding meeting of the farmers’ group was held in Torosgyugh

The second working meeting with the farmers’ group created in Torosgyugh was held. The meeting pursued several objectives:

1.​ Clarify once again whether everybody in the village is informed about the project and whether there are other interested persons wishing to join the farmers’ group.
2.​ Choose a name for the farmers’ group.
3.​ Write and sign the minutes of the founding meeting of the farmers’ group.
4.​ Discuss with the participants some organizational issues related to the upcoming visit to the learning and exhibition centre in Lukashin community, Armavir marz.

All the 17 members of the farmers’ initiative group, “Women for Development” NGO representatives, “Aramazd: For the Community, with the Community” project coordinator Liana Yefremyan from “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO and other interested people from the community were present at the meeting.

Following the previous meeting, Melsida Mkrtchyan, young resident of the community, also expressed a wish to joint the group. As a result a farmers’ group of 18 members was created (9 men and 9 women), who wrote and signed the first minutes of the founding meeting. Off all the suggested names “Torosgyugh” was the one to be chosen for the farmers’ group.

After registering the group as an agricultural co-operative and participating in the capacity building trainings, the group will produce agricultural products and raw materials partially intending to develop the growth of greenhouse horticulture and plantation.

At the end of the meeting WFD NGO president Gohar Markosyan gladly informed the group members about submitting a new project on Torosgyugh community to donor organizations.
In case “Green energy for the development of Torosgyugh community” project is financed, a solar air heating system, a dryer and water pump ensuring the permanent functioning of the greenhouse during all the seasons and giving an opportunity to increase the greenhouse profitability, will be purchased.
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“Capacity building in agriculture in the rural communities of Shirak marz for green future” project is implemented jointly by “Women for Development” and “Biosophia” non-governmental organizations. The project is financed in frames of “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO “Aramazd: For the Community, with the Community” small grants programme.