Hereinafter Tsoghamarg dance group will have national dance costumes

The dance group in Tsoghamarg, which has been functioning for more than a year, has 35 students, who learn Armenian folk dance. Children attend the classes with enthusiasm and have a great desire to perform on different stages, participate in different dance contests and festivals. Thanks to Eghishe Davtyan, dance teacher at Gyumri “Entanik” center, the group has comprehensive dance program and the children are enough prepared to successfully perform in different dance competitions. Unfortunately, due to the absence of appropriate costumes, even well staged performances fail to have the expected quality and provide the presentable side of the group.

Witnessing the devoted work of the dance teacher and the success recorded by children, the volunteers of Tsoghamarg Community center submitted “National Dance Costumes for Tsoghamard Dance Group” project to the 3rd phase of the small grants project announced by WFD NGO.

The project aims to gain Armenian national dance costumes for 20 students of Tsoghamarg senior dance group, which will contribute not only to the development of cultural life, but will alsov give them a chance to stage new dances and perform at different events and contests.

The project also aims at the development of women entrepreneurship, for according to it two women from the community will take sewing lessons with the skillful and proficient dressmaker of the village, will gain necessary knowledge and will sew national dance costumes together with the dressmaker, thus making it the community’s contribution to the project. After the training the two participants will possess basic knowledge on sewing and upon their wish take orders.

The projects was planned to be implemented by 3 stages;

  • Conducting sewing trainings and gaining theoretical knowledge
  • Designing of 2 types of Armenian national dance costumes, purchase of appropriate fabric and accessories
  • Sewing of clothes by the 2 trained women and the skillful dressmaker.

The theoretical part of the sewing classes launched in March is over and the 2 young women of the village Nura Moseyan and Azniv Sargsyan gained professional knowledge due to the efforts of the skillful dressmaker Qnarik Nikolyan. Together with the project initiator Arpine Nikolyan and the dressmaker, the 2 young women have finished the designing of the dance costumes and at present are in the process of sewing the costumes and making the corresponding accessories.

The costumes were designed so, that by combining 2 types of garbs, it was possible to have 3 various costumes that would allow the staging of a larger number of national dances. Shoes for the students of the senior group were also purchased.

The devoted work and the enthusiasm of the project’s initiative group and the women who sew the costumes have infected the whole community. Seeing the beautiful and high-quality dance costumes, village mayor Gnel Barseghyan provided money for sewing dance costumes for the juniors’ dance group as well, while the parents took up the initiative to purchase shirts and trousers for the boys to make their dance costumes complete.

Quite soon Tsoghamarg dance group will come up with a new concert program and stage costumes.


We expand our thanks to Arpine Nikolyan, project initiator and volunteer at
Tsoghamarg Community Center for giving us the photos


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