Training on “Conflict Management and Communication Skills Development”

Hairdressing trainings with 5-month duration are over. Participants of the “Economic sustainability through vocational education” project have already started to work in their communities and serve their customers. Apart from professional knowledge, it is very important for each individual working in service sphere, to possess special working skills and establish civilized, friendly communication with their customers. Actually,the most critical link to each organization is the customer service, while the professionalism of the service specialist is priceless in business success.

The training on “Conflict management” held at “Women for Development” NGO aimed to provide the participants with certain knowledge on communication skills. Training was conducted by Susanna Ghazaryan – WFD NGO education department specialist, who had mainly adapted conflict management knowledge and skills to the peculiarities and demands of the service sphere.

The training covered topics like;

  • Communication skills with the customers
  • Ability to establish contact
  • Skills to listen and understand
  • Peaceful conflict management skills and commandments, etc.

Based on the examples brought by the hairdressers, the trainer explained the ways of finding possible solutions for this or that conflict that would be profitable both for the customer and the service provider.

The participants also stressed the importance of this training stating that they are sure to use the gained knowledge in their work by making up decisions on their own, showing respect towards different views and opinions and forming effective communication atmosphere.

At the end of the training “Economic sustainability through vocational education” project officer Bobbie Seltzer handed over the certificates to the participants of the hairdressing training.

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