“Give Kid’s a Smile” project is already a reality

“Give Kid’s a Smile” project was launched in November, 2014. On the eve of the New Year with the financial support of WFD NGO and the individual benefactors a surprise was done to kids in Lanjik by ordering Santa Clause and Snow Maiden costumes for them. 3 months later another surprise was waiting for kids in Lanjik; they received costumes of their favorite cartoon heroes. It was possible to make the project whole with the financial investment of WFD NGO and the support of Lanjik community head A. Mardoyan. Today the community already has 5 costumes for cartoon heroes and other characters. The center’s volunteers are ready to make various kids’ events, birthday parties and other cultural programs more colorful and memorable with the help of those costumes.

After gaining the costumes it was necessary to organize acting trainings for the volunteers so they could act more professionally and behave accordingly on the stage. Special trainings were organized for the volunteers on this purpose, who were able to gain basic knowledge on an actor’s proficiency, scenic speech and manners, creative thinking. With the help of Ruzanna Phalevanyan – an experienced actress and puppet player at Gyumri Puppet Theatre, the novice actors got rid of their complexes, developed various scenes and plays for different events.

Meeting at Lanjik Community Centre recently aimed to present the project progress to the parents of the volunteers; what was done, what did the children learn during the last month, what were the goals and objectives for future, etc.?

Being present at the follow-up rehearsal the parents were kindly surprised to discover acting skills in their children in making contact with the audience, displaying individual acting approach, passing them good mood and possessing stage art abilities.

Thanking the trainer R. Pahlevanyan and Community center officer A. Arakelyan for their devoted and conscientious work, the parents noted, “A year ago the availability of cartoon hero professional costumes was a dream for our kids, why not for the adults, as well! Today this dream is a reality due to Women for Development NGO and we are sure that it will be sustainable and ongoing and will definitely bring positive changes into our children’s daily life.

P.S. The costumes will be submitted to community’s judgment on June 1 doing a surprise for the kids on International Day for Protection of Children.

In the video below you can see episodes from the volunteers’ rehearsals.