Meeting between Armenian and Georgian Organizations

Last week WFD NGO staff was in Georgia on a working meeting. During the visit meetings were planned with 3 partner organizations; “Women of Multinational Georgia”, IDP Women Association “Consent” and “Sukhumi” Fund.

The two-day working meeting had two goals:

  • Get acquainted with on-going activities of the 4 organizations (peace building,  community development, etc.), their goals and achievements for the clarification of further collaboration.
  • Share WFD NGO experience in the field of ”Peace and Peaceful Conflict Resolution Education”.
  • Discuss possible ways of extending/adapting WFD experience in peace education in Georgian schools and community youth centres.
  • Make preliminary plans to conduct trainings, teacher trainings in the coming several months by concrete organizations based on the educational materials developed by WFD NGO.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Collaboration among WFD NGO and partner organizations.

During the meeting the similarities and differences between Armenian and Georgian educational systems, partner organization’s experiences and possibilities of working in schools were discussed, as well as preliminary plans and timelines of further activities were distinguished.

 The participants were particularly interested in WFD NGO’s experience in handling special approach to collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science, National Institute of Education of the Republic of Armenia and in integrating Conflict Management Education into school curricula, special methods and tools used for the project monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Memorandum of Collaboration was signed between WFD NGO and the participant organizations at the end of the meeting.

Following the Memorandum WFD NGO undertakes to provide the partner organizations with appropriate literature and didactic materials (in English and Russian), ensure necessary technical support and consultancy in organising trainings for specified target groups of the organizations, etc., while the partner organizations in their turn undertake to hold series of trainings on peace and peaceful conflict resolution education for at least one community youth group and for teachers in at least one school, control and carry out M&E of those training outcomes, etc.

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