Community Garden in Torosguygh

Though it is still rather cold in Torosguygh community of Shiral province, the idea of having a new Community garden and a more beautiful community united the villagers, who are participating voluntarily in the fencing and tree planting activities.

The idea of establishing a Community garden has been discussed several times during meetings organized in the Community center, and the village activists decided to carry it out through participation in the small grants projects contest announced by the NGO “Women for Development”.

The project is being implemented jointly by the Community Center and the village school. According to the school director Garik Hakobyan, the establishment of the Community garden will start formation of a new culture in Torosguygh: “The establishment of the Community garden will support further mobilization of the community, at the same time it will promote environment protection and organization of the free time and leisure of the community members. People will start thinking about taking care for not only their own crofts, but also for the garden which is public property.”

According to the decision of the village Council a space of about 1 hectare was provided, and it is already fenced. Through the financial sources contributed by the NGO WFD all the pipes necessary for irrigation were purchased. “Armenia Tree Project” also had its contribution in the establishment of the Community garden by provision of 250 maple and ash trees.

The idea of establishing a Community garden has excited the community members. The village population, school staff and pupils are enthusiastic to participate in the establishment of the Community garden and taking further care of it. Each family will have its nominal tree and will take care of it in future. The land space is provided with water supply, which will make the future care easier. It is also planned to place benches through the work of the community members. There is another very important thing: the space provided for the Community garden is next to the village church. The project implementers are sure that the newly established garden will become a rest area not only for Torosguygh population but also for the guests who will visit the village.

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