Feedback From Zolakar School

WFD NGO has received multiple opinions and suggestions from the teachers and pupils on the project within the monitoring of “Conflict Management Education” in schools project.

From now on in the section “Feedback from participants” we will present more remarkable opinions and conceptions received from various Marzes of Armenia to your attention, we will share new ideas and suggestions.

Here is Gagik Grigoryan’s feedback on the project, who is the vice-principle of Vocational Educational Support at Zolakar school in Gegharkuniq Marz.

There have always been and there will always be conflicts among pupils, partially among the adolescents. It’s a peculiarity typical of them; nonetheless any educative activity will be of use. The problem here is the change of attitude towards conflicts among pupils. I notice certain changes among conflictive pupils, while others are more tolerant after this course. Based on my observations 46 out of 508 pupils in our school are more conflictive, while I have noticed positive changes among half of them. For example a pupil from 11th grade had a quarrel with the teacher and blamed the teacher for it. After the course he entered my room one day and asked me to listen to him once again about how the conflict had happened. It was remarkable that this time the following expressions were present in his story: “I was much tensed that day”, “I behaved badly”, “I understand the teacher wishes good for me”, “I didn’t need to react in the spur of the moment” etc. This comes to prove that the knowledge gained during the lessons had their effect and most importantly, the pupil himself had analyzed the situation and had objectively found his mistakes.

 I not only believe, but I am also convinced that such education is of great significance. It will help future soldiers to more easily serve in the army; it will help girls to be more reasonable in their families. But in order to have even more positive results, this kind of work should be consistent and ongoing and should cover all the schools. The facilitator of educative activities together with head of classes and pupils should work more actively with conflictive pupils and hold open classes and performances with their direct participation.

 Gagik Grigoryan

Vice-principle of Vocational Educational Support at Zolakar school