2-day seminar on the topic “How to start your own business”

In the frames of the project “Economic Stability through Occupational Training in Hairdressing” the financial manager of the NGO WFD Yeva Paetrosyan conducted a 2-day seminar-workshop on the topic “How to start your own business” with the participants of the hairdressing classes.

Y. Petrosyan presented to the participants the main steps and knowledge that are necessary for a start-up businessman to start his own business, develop it and finally get profit and have a success. The seminar included such skills which are necessary for those people who want to become successful businessmen – market analysis, ability to make quick decisions, strategy elaboration, risk assessment, ability to collaborate with opponents, etc. The trainer also presented all the nuances of starting a business in Armenia, legislation and possible difficulties.

The second day of the seminar was a practical one. The participants had an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in exact examples and make their own business plan, to make the SWOT analysis of the competitive environment, make a financial plan, etc.

The seminar was very productive for the participants, as after the hairdressing classes they are going to start their own business in the communities. Y. Petrosyan answered a number of questions from the participants and expressed her readiness to assist them and provide consultation in different stages of undertaking the business, if it is necessary.

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