Armenian Economic Development Project Update

On November 6th, six women arrived at the Women for Development, NGO office to be briefed on the training and expectations of them as project participants.

Three of the women already knew they would be participants. The other 3 women came from the same village, knowing that only 1 of them could be chosen. After hearing about what we expected and what they could expect from us, we still had 3 interested women from Arpeni village. So, the “luck of the draw” was how our 4th participant was chosen.
On November 15thseven women arrived at Fes House to register for their 1st day of class. Yes, 7! Although the project, is covering the cost of 4 participants (1/village), there were 3 others that wanted the training as well.

After 3 weeks, the participants’ feedback is extremely positive. They are thrilled with the instructor* and very pleased with the training so far. Even though they are in the “theory” portion of their instruction, we needed to buy some of the supplies for which we budgeted. We bought 4 sets of tools, which the supply house graciously discounted so we could stay within our budget.

At Fes House in January, I made the monthly tuition payment for our 4 hairdressers-in-training. As luck would have it, I got to see scissors in action as one of the women was cutting the hair of one of her neighbor, who graciously volunteered. How fortunate our project participants are to have such tremendous community support. There will be more opportunities for people from the villages to assist in their representatives’ training by coming to class and having their hair cut, colored and/or styled.

Bobbie Seltzer

PC volunteer at WFD NGO

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