The Holiday Tiarnyndaraj was Celebrated in Lanjik

On February 14 an event devoted to the Armenian traditional holiday Tiarnyndaraj took place in Lanjik community. The event started with the liturgy served by Priest Narek Tadevosyan, after which blessing of the newlyweds and making a fire took place.

The idea of celebrating Tiaryndaraj and blessing the newlyweds belonged to Father Narek Tadevosyan, who made this day a real holiday for the villagers.

 The holiday was celebrated with national songs and dances, traditional games. The members of Armenian Catholic Youth Union of Lanjik dance group also participated in the event. The initiator of their participation was the Community Center officer Armenuhi Araqelyan.

 P.S. The pictures of the event are taken from Priest Narek Tadevosyan’s Facebook page.

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