Christmas party at Lanjik community

Today large-scale events were held in Lanjik community on Christmas and New Year, during which a surprise was prepared by the NGO WFD. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden came to the parties in the school and kindergarten in new costumes.
We are very glad that in frames of the project “Help put smiles on these children’s faces” the costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden were purchased due to the contribution made by Margarita Philiposyan, Roza Arvahi, Gayane Atoyan, Bud Frank and WFD NGO staff. Thanks to the contributors who made the Christmas events for Lanjik community kids a real holiday. We hope that we will manage to carry out the whole project and make the happiness of the kids not only in Lanjik but also in Torogiuygh continuous.

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