Presentation of annual reports and discussion of the results

During the meeting which took place in WFD NGO office, the Community Centers officers presented their annual reports on the activities carried out during the previous year. The reports presented in a new Power Point format made the presentation more interesting and impressive.

The CC officers especially mentioned the large-scale events carried out in their communities with the active participation of the whole community, which had positive impact on the mobilization of the people.

“After receiving the dance group costumes the children started to work more enthusiastically, the number of dance group members increased, the interest of the community towards our Center also raised,”- mentioned Torosgyugh CC officer M. Ghukasyan. “WFD NGO made us work together, think about our problems on our own, and the idea of establishing a community garden excited everyone. The most important thing is to see the result of the work, to gain support and trust of the community members, which we can see today”.

Lanjik CC officer A. Araqelyan also valued organization of large-scale events as the best means of community mobilization. She said: “I would like to mention the purchase of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costumes as one of the best successfully events carried out during the previous year. It really was a big surprise for all of us. The costumes are so beautiful and professional that they seem to be taken from a fairy tale. With the financial support of the village head and two benefactors Santa Claus met all the children in the community, and then on the initiative of the Community Center Santa Claus and Snow Maiden visited all the families in the village thus surprising and giving fun to everyone. We have never had any event with participation of all the community members before, and this is one of unique cases when everybody was happy and expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the event”.

The CC officers also valued the importance of the project “Economic stability through Occupational Training in Hairdressing”, the positive results of which will soon be visible in the communities.

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