Literary event in the memory of V. Raphayelyan

Literary event in the memory of V. Raphayelyan July 8 was the 74th anniversary of the great pedagogue, psychologist and linguist Valery Raphayelyan. 10 years after his death the volunteers of Tsoghamarg community organized a literary event, wishing to express their respect to the great teacher of Tsoghamarg, who had educated and taught the village children for years.

V. Raphayelyan was born on July 8, 1940 in the village of Tsoghamarg. In 1959 he entered and in 1964 he graduated from Yerevan State University receiving qualifications of a philologist and a teacher of the Armenian language and Literature. V. Raphayelyan was awarded diplomas and titles several times. In 1977 he was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Education of the ASSR. In 1981 he received a medal “For Excellent Work”. In 1986 he received a diploma of the Pedagogical Society of Armenian Republic. In the same year he was awarded a diploma of “The Armenian Language and Literature in School” publication. In 1987 he received a title “Chief Teacher”, and in 1994 – “Skilled Teacher”. Valery Raphayelyan died on December 36, 2003.

During the event interesting facts and episodes of the life and work of the distinguished pedagogue were presented, extracts from his poetry and thoughts were made. V. Raphayelyan was a sensitive person, a good friend, pedagogue, and an honest citizen. He was modest and was respected by his students, colleagues and the society. Unfortunately, his creative works have not been published yet.


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The information and photos are provided by the 

volunteer of Tsoghamarg Community Center

Arpine Nikolyan