Visit of the representative of German organization “Brot” to Arpeni

The public relations officer of the German organization “Bread for the World” Mirjam Dubbert visited the office of NGO WFD. Getting acquainted with the goal, objectives of the project and the activities of the organization, Miriam expressed a wish to visit the beneficiary communities. She visited Arpeni community where she had a meeting with the community members, listened to their problems and difficulties, wondered about the changes that have taken place in Arpeni in the result of the activities of the Community Center, what other projects are to be carried out connected with this community.

Miriam spent most of her working day in Arpeni visiting the houses of the villagers and talking to them. As a journalist Miriam wanted to see Armenian villages, houses, get to know their living, to see the living conditions of Armenian villagers, how they earn their living, to listen to their stories and write them down, so as in future these stories are published in the newsletters and reports of “Bread for the World”.

The German journalist was greatly impressed by the beautiful nature of Arpeni, kind and hospitable attitude of the people. But at the same time she was very sorry to see the very many problems that still exist in the village and the hard life of the majority of the villagers.

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