Reporting meeting with the Community Centers Officers

Reporting meeting with the Community Centers Officers A reporting meeting took place with the Community Centers officers. The latter presented the activities carried out in the communities, their goals and their impact on the community. The CC officers especially emphasized the positive changes that took place in their communities in the result of the Community Center’s activities. According to them, the links between the village municipality and Community Center are getting stronger day by day, the village heads are ready to collaborate and support organization and holding of big community events, the community members are more aware of the CC activities and projects, bigger number of people participate in the meetings, the prestige of the CC officers in the communities has risen, etc.

During the meeting a training “Facilitation principles and skills” was conducted for the CC officers. The goal of the training was to give the participants necessary knowledge to conduct meetings in their communities. The CC officers appreciate these periodical meetings which give them an opportunity to share their experience and success stories, to discuss problems that occur in their work and jointly find their solutions, they exchange new ideas of meetings and events and projects, etc.

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