“Taraz Festival in Old Arpeni”

The last two meetings which took place in Arpeni Community Center were more than intensive. The goal of the joint meetings of the representatives of “Homeland Development Initiative” foundation, NGO “Women for Development”, “Shirak Competitiveness Center” and “Shirak Tour” was to discuss a number of organizational issues connected with the big event “Taraz Festival in Old Arpeni”. The Festival will take place on June 28 in Arpeni community of Shirak marz.

A number of questions were discussed including formation of volunteer groups, preparation of food, location of pavilions, the participant villages, and products to be presented. The scenario of the event was also clarified.

The participants of the meeting also visited Old and New Arpeni villages to finalize and to map the space for the festival.

Other issues related to the Festival and organizational questions were also discussed in WFD office.


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