Conflict peaceful resolution education in Shirak marz

The head of the educational department of the NGO WFD Susanna Ghazaryan made a monitoring visit to 11 schools in Gyumri, Akhouryan, Azatan, Maralik and Artik. The goal of the visit was to find out how much the teachers use in their work the methodological manual provided by the NGO WFD, how productive the “Conflict peaceful resolution education” was in the above mentioned schools, what knowledge and skills the schoolchildren have gained and whether they can use them in their everyday life.

In the result of the meetings it became clear that the pupils have mastered the knowledge on conflict management and they remember very well the principles and skills. Many of the pupils brought examples when they managed to solve conflicts due to these lessons. According to the teachers the posters which are hung both in the classrooms and in the corridors help a lot to remember the gained knowledge. As the directors and the teachers say, this education is really necessary and they are going to include again these lessons in their educational curriculum to achieve even more results.


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