With inspiration and working energy to support community development

The volunteer of Tsoghamarg village Community Center Arpine Nikolyan shared her impressions and gained knowledge with pupils, teachers and villagers about the international training course “Let’s shape our future ourselves”. Arpine introduced the goal of the training course, taught topics, organized events and then she introduced the young volunteers from representative countries, who were mainly involved from rural areas.

An active discussion was held after Arpine’s presentation during which the participants were mainly interested in the problems of foreign villages, what issues are interesting for foreign young people, whether they liked Armenia and its culture, etc. The participants were also eager to hear, to get acquainted with the cultural peculiarities and national food of foreign countries, which was presented at the cultural evening in the frames of the training course.

A cheerful mood, inspiration, friendship and working energy to support native community development… These were the impressions and intentions with which Arpine ended up the seminar and called to the students and community members to be active and participate in the events and meeting organized in and by the village Community Center.

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