Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Armenia

Recently WFD hosted Chantal Diepenheim Duursma, Senior Expert from the Netherands. Ms. Duursma is visiting Armenia for one week gathering information on projects that support Armenian women’s entrepreneurship. Although PUM (Manager Deployment Programme), the organization, does not donate money; they do donate business expertise in a variety of sectors. PUM has supported over 2,000 projects in 70 countries.
Also at the meeting was Gayane Avagyan of the Shirak Cooperative Center (SCC). Ms. Avagyan is the local contact for PUM. WFD was invited to a workshop facilitated by PUM and SCC to bring people together in Gyumri currently working on business projects, especially those that benefit women. The topic for the workshop is “Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Armenia.” The participants of the workshop were business women, who shared their experience in the sphere. A decision was made to make such working meetings continuous and to undertake more practical steps.


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