Launching “Our Community is our Home” project in Arpeni


There was a joyful celebration in Apreni this afternoon. The community members have come together to celebrate the opening of “Events’ Hall” and children’s playground in the village. “Our Community is our Home” and “Children are our Future” are the two projects prepared by the initiative of Apreni Community Center’s volunteers and activists after WFD organized a training series on “How to prepare a successful project proposal”.

The community members initiated a fundraising within the village in order to purchase equipments for the Event Hall. Almost the entire community and the WFD contributed towards the fundraising. The mayor of Arpeni had significant input to equip the children’s playground, which had been long overdue.

The oldest person in the community had the privilege to cut the red tape. The evening at the community Cultural house was full of dances, songs and words of appreciation. The community dance group from WFD’s beneficiary Lanjik village actively participated in the celebration.

The activists from Apreni received letters of appreciation for bring these projects to live in their community.